Wednesday, 3 July 2013

UCS Blade Discovery Failed

A simple job then; lift and shift some Cisco UCS blades from a legacy site to into the Datacentre to help with capacity for consolidation in the Datacentre.

Unfortunately a simple job turned into a bit of a nightmare with the destination UCS deciding not to play nicely with the recycled blades.

Don't get me wrong here folks, Cisco Unified Computing System is a cool piece of kit that is challenging the way we look at hardware nowadays.  It is however not without it's foibles of which this is just one.

Thanks go to @brettchannon and the guys from @VCE for helping with the solution to this issue.


When you install a Cisco UCS blade that is has 1.x firmware installed into a chassis that is running a 2.x firmware, the following error can be seen:
(Click image for larger view)
Code: F1000034
Cause: fsm-failed
Description: [FSM:FAILED] Blade Discovery (FSM:sam:dme:ComputeBladeDiscover)

A re-acknowledge, power cycle, reseat will not allow the blade to be properly discovered.  Any firmware upgrades (other than a CIMC firmware upgrade) will remain in a "Scheduled" status.


USB Legacy mode is set to disabled within the BIOS settings.


Complete the following resolution on each blade affected:

1.  Open the KVM console of the affected blade (Equipment Tab > Chassis > Chassis containing affected blade > Servers > Affected Server > KVM Console):

2. Hit Reset and OK the following warning:

3. Choose Power Cycle and OK the following dialogue:

4.  Hit F2 when prompted to enter the blade's BIOS setup:

5. Once in the BIOS setup hit right arrow key to get to Advanced and down arrow to USB Configuration.

6.  Hit return to open USB configuration and hit down arrow and return to open Legacy USB Support option:

7. Set Legacy USB Support to Enabled:

8. Hit Esc and right arrow to select Exit tab and hit return to Save Changes and Exit:

9.  Close the KVM console and allow UCS to rediscover server. If you cannot wait, select Recover Server > Re-acknowledge > OK to force the UCS to rediscover the blade.


I would love to know more about this error and how the USB mode setting within a blade can cause UCS to give up on a that blade altogether.  

Seems like a crazy simple fix to what - on the face of it - seems a pretty catastrophic error message. All in all we had this issue on 12+ blades and the USB legacy mode fix work on all of them.

Godda love UCS.....!

- Chris

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